Channeling Morgan

Sometimes to be yourself, you have to be someone else first. 

Every writer needs a voice. For Derick Sweetwater, it’s usually someone else’s. Hoping to shed his mantle as ghostwriter to the stars, he escapes to Provincetown to work on a novel—only to land his biggest client ever. Clive Morgan is a studly action-adventure movie star with a secret, and he hires Derick to write his autobiography, promising to “tell all.” But a creepy New Age cult has its designs on Clive, and Derick’s new boyfriend has a secret that tests Derick’s own commitment to honesty. In Lewis DeSimone’s witty, fast-paced satire, the literary world collides with Hollywood mores, Manhattan drag queens, and the occasional ghost—all while Derick tries to sort out his life while Channeling Morgan.

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Praise for Channeling Morgan:

Breezy, dishy, provocative, intriguing, and surprising. Broadway and Hollywood babies mix it up with literary wannabees, guys on the prowl and men just plain looking for love. A certain revered gay author even makes an appearance. This is your next beach read, right here. Pour a cosmo and dive in!    

—David Pratt, author of Bob the Book

A fun, frolicsome beach book with compelling characters, addictive storylines, fabulous writing, and even the supernatural advice of E.M. Forster. This is terrific work from a local writer who continues to impress.

—Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter

A wonderfully engaging, romantic, insightful story about friendship, family ties and career fulfillment 

—Christopher Verleger, EDGE

“A send-up of publishing, literary workshops, Hollywood hypocrisy, and Manhattan A-list Gays, Channeling Morgan makes compulsive reading—come for the story, but stay for the truth."

Keith John Glaeske, Out in Print

The literary equivalent of a crisp martini clinked against a fizzy flute of champagne. It’s a little Noël Coward, a little RuPaul. There’s a bustling, farcical plot  involving a ghost writer, a movie star, a drag queen, and a cult, but what will really keep readers riveted is DeSimone’s anthropological attention to detail. His elegantly articulated observations of gay social mores are spot on. ... Cheers, bitches!

—Jim Gladstone, Passport Magazine

Before you start reading this, clear your day because you will probably read it in one sitting and turn the pages as quickly as possible. (You will also keep a smile on your face as you read).

Amos Lassen

Channeling Morgan is everything you want it to be: romantic and sexy and funny and wise. With Noel Coward levels of cocktails and barbs. Lewis DeSimone has created a book whose pages fly past with such velocity that they seem to evaporate in your hands. Which results in a moment of deep sorrow in which you realize that it will all be over far too quickly if you do not slow down. And yet, it is chocolate. It’s roasted cashews. It’s everything that delights. And so a speedy consumption proves necessary. Happily, like that certain coffee, it is good to the last drop.    

—Vinton Rafe McCabe, author of Death in Venice, California                                                                                                        ©Lewis DeSimone 2017