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Almost as soon as I began reading novels, I knew that I wanted one day to write my own.  The first one, written in longhand in a notebook during my high school years, is something I haven’t dared look at in decades.  But it got me started.  As much as I enjoy short stories, it’s the long form that really interests me—as both a reader and a writer.

Before you can set out on your own as an artist, I think you need to be exposed to the masters.  So I majored in English at Harvard, where I fell in love with the richness of literary history, from Chaucer to James Joyce.  Later, I earned a master’s in creative writing at the University of California, Davis, where I learned to develop my own voice as a writer.

My first novel, Chemistry, examines the impact of mental illness on a burgeoning romantic relationship.  In The Heart’s History, I tackled the gay community’s identity crisis as it moves ambivalently from a distinct subculture toward assimilation.

The latest book, Channeling Morgan, is a departure of sorts—a satire and a bit of a romance, but still anchored in issues of identity, still engaged with the basic question of how we can be our most authentic selves while navigating a world rife with social expectations.

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